2017 Reflections & 2018 Intentions

There’s just something so nice about a new year and a clean slate. It’s such a great time to review the past year and decide if and how you want to change up your life for the year ahead. Today I spent some time reviewing 2017 in my Passion Planner and then spent some time setting intentions and planning for 2018.

First let’s take a look back on 2017:

I graduated at the end of 2016. So the beginning of 2017 was filled with GRE studying and DICAS applications to get into MS/DI programs. It was so nice to be done with my Bachelors, but also stressful getting ready to apply for programs. I had to decide where I wanted to apply, fill out DICAS, take the GRE, and get all my resumes, personal statements, and portfolios ready.

After submitting DICAS in February, I went on a celebratory cruise (celebrating graduation + DICAS submissions + getting a job). I came back from our cruise to start my job with Texas A&M Agrilife Extension as a volunteer coordinator. I got to enjoy this job + my job at Snap Kitchen until August.

graduation, cruise
Me & Wiley on our cruise!

In April I got to celebrate my birthday and getting matched to my MS/DI program (on the same day!!) I will never forget the overwhelming emotion I felt when I found out I got matched in front of all my family at my birthday dinner. So much hard work and dedication went into getting into my program. After getting matched, it was a lot of smooth sailing until starting school in August.

I remember my grandma thinking I didn’t get in because of how I broke out into tears after this loaded on my phone.

My now roommate (and friend from Texas State) got into nursing school at UTMB then we found an apartment together. I went to the beach in early August, and then moved down to Galveston with the help of my dad and boyfriend.

Beach with Bae

In June I finally decided to buy my domain name and step up my blogging game from my free WordPress site I had previously. It felt really good to do something I had wanted to do for so long and am still loving posting on here and sharing on Instagram.

In August I started my first semester of grad school. While it was tough, it wasn’t quite as overwhelming as I thought it would be. It was however a good warmup for this semester. I got to get back into the groove of being a student and got settled here in Galveston.

Pumpking Carving with my MS/DI Class & our program Director

In December, I finished my first semester of grad school (yay) and went back to Austin for winter break and spent lots of quality time with family and friends. Then after christmas I flew to California for my first time for my brother’s wedding.

Desert Willow Golf Resort in Palm Desert, California

Overall I really enjoyed 2017. I had some big accomplishments; getting matched to my MS/DI program, building and publishing my website, moving to Galveston, and starting grad school. I found intuitive eating and stopped dieting. I stopped tracking macros and let myself eat whatever I wanted (which is usually healthy whole foods). I switched my exercise to less intense workouts and instead incorporated more yoga, stretching, and walking. I began to actually enjoy weight lifting and running again since I was no longer forcing myself to do it everyday. I also focused on self-care more, I meditated, I stretched more, used face masks, and listened to a lot of podcasts.

Me, my Dad’s mom Anne, my brother Alex (the groom), my Mom’s mom Diane, and my brother Michael.

This year I also continued my grieving process for my mom’s passing and was faced with more grieving as we lost my grandpa. Even with the loss of my grandpa, I think I did better with the grieving of my mom this year. There were some hard days (as there will always be) but for the most part I think I did okay. I also got a lot closer with my grandma this year.  I now talk to her on the phone at least once a week (sometimes for an hour) and am so thankful for our closeness.

Now onto 2018 Intentions:

Alright so instead of resolutions this year, i’m setting intentions.  To be honest, i’m not exactly sure what the difference is, but they sound more attainable and flexible than resolutions.
These are things I would like to focus on this year:
  • Get more confident with Intuitive eating & movement
  • Eat more plants
  • Try new recipes
  • Drink less alcohol
  • Less waste; plastic and food waste
  • Use more natural products
  • More consistent stretching
  • Less negative thoughts
  • More self-care
  • Less TV watching
  • More reading, cooking, writing, and learning

I wrote these down in my Passion Planner so I can flip back and look at them whenever I feel like I need a little reminder.

Do you take time to reflect on the past year and plan for the new one?
I would love to hear any 2018 intentions you may have in the comments!






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