Getting Busy

With school this semester it’s already been pretty busy and it’s just going to keep getting busier. March will most likely be the busiest month i’ve had in a while, i’m a little nervous but also excited. I wanted to let you in on what’s gonna be going on with me this next month.

Last semester was my first semester at school since my mom passed away and I took 18 hours of classes. It was a crazy semester, so this semester when I only enrolled in 13 hours I felt like it was a good time for me to pile some extras onto my plate.

With graduation fast approaching it also means applying to a Dietetic internship is approaching even faster. Two things constantly get stressed about being a good candidate for an internship, GPA and voulenteer/work experience. Incase your unaware a Dietetic internship is required to become a Registered Dietitian and the match (acceptance) rate is only 50%. Because of that I want to do everything possible to make myself stand out on my application. So i decided to take on some extra responsibilities…

I got a job working with Detour Bars, a protein bar company. Starting in March i’ll be working 2-3 days a week holding demos at different HEB’s in Austin. I think it’ll be a good opportunity and learning experience. I’ll get to talk to people about the bars as well as nutrition and there’s room for growth within the company, possibly going to fitness expos in the future (maybe Register Dietitian for the company someday?).

I recently became the publicist for my honor society, Phi Upsilon Omicron. This means i’m sending out emails, updating the websites, and more. The main project we do every year is called our Professional Project, where we choose a cause and use our knowledge of family and consumer sciences to help within the cause. This year we’re going to teach high school students about the nutrition program at Texas State and inform them on what they’ll learn and the types of jobs they can get upon graduation. This is due at the end of March, so we’ll be having weekly meetings to work on our presentation.

During March i’ll also be starting and finishing a 10 page partner research paper on breastfeeding and it’s correlation with cancer. Me and my partner might have been crazy to choose the topic of cancer because trying to understand the research has already proven to be difficult, but I think once it’s done we will have learned a lot from it.

So if i wasn’t already crazy for deciding to take on the above tasks, I decided to enroll in a program through A&M AgriLife to become a Certified Master Wellness Voulenteer. This means i’ll be completing 40 hours of instruction on how to become said master, take an exam then receive my certification. Once i’m certified I can start volunteering through the program. I think this is such a cool opportunity to do a lot of voulenteer work and it’ll look great on my application/resume.

Like always during all this madness i’ll be keeping up with normal school stuff (tests, quizzes, homework) and working out 5x a week finishing the Katy Hearn Winter Challenge.

Luckily during March I will have a small escape to spring break in Port Aransas with a bunch of friends, then at the end of this crazy month we get to go into April, aka my birthday month.

So even though i’m nervous about taking all of this on, i’m excited to stay busy and get it done.