My Go-To High Protein Oatmeal

I started eating oatmeal after I began working out a few years back. I tried oatmeal by itself and it just didn’t have enough flavor for me. Also, It was never filling enough by itself. Usually in the mornings, I want my breakfast to be a one stop shop. By that I mean I want to just make one item and I want that item to fill me up. Once I was introduced to adding protein powder in my oatmeal I was hooked. Normal flavored oatmeal’s come with a ton of sugar, so this was an awesome way to add flavor without the sugar. Not only does adding protein increase the protein content- duh. It also increases satiety and adds flavor (as long as you like the flavor of your protein powder).

My Go- To High Protein Oatmeal:

Bob's red mill gluten free oats
Here I used a little less than one serving of oats.

I’m excited to finally be sharing this high protein oatmeal recipe because it’s something I eat at least a few times a week. Also, it’s super customizable so you can use whatever you have as add ins. This is a pretty quick recipe to make. Boiling the water and cooking the oats takes up the most time. You can cook oats in the microwave, but every time I do this they over flow (which is why I stick to stove cooking them). You could also put this into Tupperware and take it to work/school with you and eat it there (or on your way there if you’re a car eater).

Pro Tip: Add cinnamon in the pot when your cooking because 1. it will add flavor 2. it will make your kitchen smell GOOD.

Make sure you enjoy whatever protein powder you use. I have been using PEScience for a couple of years now and love it. The snickerdoodle is my favorite, especially for oatmeal. I’m currently looking for a dairy-free protein powder, but have yet to find one that I like.

Mixing protein into oatmeal to make high protein oatmeal
I added a little bit of almond milk to mix the protein powder into.

Protein mixed into high protein oatmeal

Fun story: I used a sample pack of a vanilla vegan protein a couple of weeks ago, and didn’t try it before mixing it into my oatmeal (not a smart idea on my part). I ended up throwing out the oatmeal because it tasted so bad 🙁

Adding flaxseed into high protein oatmeal

I love adding in flax and chia seeds for an extra boost of fiber and omega 3’s. Also, I find that when I add these into my oatmeal it helps to keep me fuller longer. I usually will mix the flax seeds into the oatmeal first, then top it with chia seeds at the end.

Adding fruit to high protein oatmeal

Like I said this is totally customizable. Feel free to add whatever fruit you like and have on hand. For me, I always have berries so that’s what I usually use.

High protein oatmeal with nutritious toppingsI always add a nut butter to my oatmeal. It 1. helps keep me full (notice a trend with this breakfast…) 2. It adds a good texture once mixed into the oatmeal 3. It adds more flavor. Here I used Trader Joe’s Mixed nut butter, but feel free to use any kind.

Ingredients I used to make high protein oatmeal

Thanks for checking out this recipe, let me know if you make it!

High Protein Oatmeal

Filling oatmeal with protein powder, seeds, fruit and nut butter

Total Time 15 minutes
Servings 1
Author rachelnannola


  • 1/2 cup Old Fashioned Oatmeal I used gluten free here
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 tbsp flaxseed
  • 1/2 tbsp chia seed
  • 1/2 cup fruit
  • 1 tbsp nut butter
  • 1/2 scoop Protein powder


  1. 1. Bring one cup of water to a boil then add desired amount of oats (add cinnamon if desired for extra flavor), let cook until water is absorbed, adding more water if necessary. 

    2. Once oats are cooked, transfer to bowl and mix in protein powder (add in more liquid if desired for powder to mix). 

    3. Stir in flaxseeds. Top with fruit, nut butter, and chia seeds. Enjoy!








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marti @fitwithheart

yum!! i love doing this too! i usually add 1/2 scoop vegan vanilla shakeology and a tablespoon of collagen – shakeology has the vitamins/greens and SOME protein and the collagen for a boost of protein! its also really easy to add egg whites and cook those in – sounds weird, but seriously delish!