Holiday Gift Guide

holiday gift guide for the wellness lover
okay so I know i’m a little late to the game on sharing my holiday gift guide, but I mean who really has all of their holiday shopping done already?

I wanted to post this cute little holiday gift guide because I thought it would be a fun way to show you what I’ve been loving and would recommend as gifts. These gifts are perfect for anybody into wellness. I have general health/wellness, cooking/food, and skin care. I could have spent hours linking stuff I want or love, but I kept it short and sweet for the sake of time! So lets get into the gifts:

Essential Oil Diffuser

Wiley got me this as a gift last year and I have used it almost every night since. I LOVE diffusing lavender at night to help me sleep.

Essential Oils

If you’re going to get somebody a diffuser I would suggest getting them some essential oils to use in it. I would recommend a set so they can test out multiple oils and see which ones they like the best. For me, I use lavender the most so I now buy big bottles of lavender and still have some of my small bottles of other oils to use when I’m in the mood for those.

Hip Circle

If a person you’re buying a gift for likes to workout legs/glutes, I highly recommend getting this. I got mine a year ago and pretty much use it every leg day. It adds amazing resistance and is the perfect addition to leg day. Also just an FYI: I bought the grippy hip circle in S/M

Wireless Headphones

Wiley got me my wireless headphones, the beats over the ear headphones a few years back and I love them. Then I bought Wiley the in ear headphones and he loves them as well. If you don’t want to spend the money on beats, I’m sure there are a ton of other amazing headphones out there. I will say especially if the person you’re buying a gift for is still using headphones with a wire, they would be sure to love any you get them.

Milk frother

My milk frother might just be one of my favorite things. It’s such a simple and easy way to spice up your morning coffee.

Cast iron skillet

If you know somebody that likes to cook and they don’t have a cast iron skillet, get them one! I LOVE mine. I use it to cook mostly chicken and eggs, but you can cook everything on it and it makes whatever you cook crispy and perfect.

Reusable bags

Does it make me lame that stuff like this makes it onto my christmas list? But in all honesty I use a ton of plastic bags and these would be so nice to cut down on some of the waste. If you need a gift for somebody who’s even a little environmentally friendly and takes food with them a lot (i.e. to school or work) I think these would be a great gift. Hopefully i’m not the only one who would think so. 

Water bottle

Reusable water bottles are one thing I can’t live without. If you know somebody who either A. drinks out of single use plastic bottles or B. drinks out of reusable, but non-insulated plastic bottles I think a nice insulated water bottle would be an amazing gift. I have my Yeti’s, which I love for when I drink coffee on the go, or water at home. I have my Healthy Human insulated 32oz which is great if I need to take a lot of water with me. I also have my smaller Swell bottle which is great when I know I will be somewhere where I can refill my water bottle. In conclusion, everybody needs to drink water, and who doesn’t want to drink cold water? So who wouldn’t like a nice reusable insulated water bottle?

2018 Agenda

Last year I bought myself a Passion Planner and I’m so happy I did. I love having a planner that I can not only put important dates in, but this one has weekly to-do lists, daily focuses, good things that happened this week and periodic goal setting areas. The one I linked is available in rose gold, and is on my christmas list for this year. Also, I did look around to see what other planners were out there and this is still my favorite out of what I found (and I looked at a ton of planners).


I could spend hours linking books I would recommend as gifts, but I’m just going to stick to one. This book has honestly been life changing for me and I would highly recommend it for anybody who is into health, healthy eating, or wellness in general because it’s so eye-opening.

Skin Care

This past year I have entered the realm of all natural skin care and have been loving it. One of my favorite brands is Frank & Whit and they have these cute gift sets! I also LOVE the midtown village face mask and the walnut hill face serum. You can use the code “GOODEATS” for a discount (I believe its 20% off, but it’s not my discount code). If you follow them on social media they occasionally do 40% off sales, and 5% of their sales are always donated to helping animals.

Another brand of natural skin care I have been wanting to try (but honestly need to use up some of my skin care products before I buy more- who else is a skin care product hoarder?) is Cocokind. They are a little more affordable than Frank and Whit, and I have heard amazing things about the products. They also have two different gift sets depending on your budget!

Cord Tacos

Okay last idea is something I think would be a fun little stocking stuffer or the perfect small gift for under $10.00. So I know I mentioned wireless headphones, which I use for workouts, but I don’t walk around school or sit at my computer with my big wireless over ear headphones. Instead I use my Apple headphones, and since Apple decided to make us keep two pairs of headphones- one for the computer and one for our iPhones I always have two pairs of wired headphones in my bag. And if you use wired headphones you know how annoying it is to untangle cords ALL THE TIME. So these are little cord tacos that keep your cords organized. I think they’re just adorable plus they have cute sayings on them!

Disclaimer: The Amazon links here are affiliate links, which means if you purchase something directly from the link I believe I get a small commission (I’ve never done it before so i’m not positive lol) but it’s at no extra cost to you (that I know for sure).

I hope this gave you some great ideas for gifts (for your loved ones, or yourself- i don’t judge)

Thanks for reading and let me know what gift you’re most excited to give or receive this year?