Katy Hearn Challenge


I’m super excited to be doing the Katy Hearn winter challenge starting next Monday, January 19,2016. Last semester I did my first Katy Hearn challenge and loved it! I have been following Katy since I started lifting weights and have been constantly motivated by her. If your into fitness and need some motivation you should check her out her Instagram is @katyhearnfit. She’s a personal trainer that has transformed her body into the ‘goal body’ for thousands of girls.

The Katy Hearn challenge includes an eight week workout plan with different workouts to do five days a week and a nutrition guide. For the challenge most people utilize IIFYM. IIFYM stands for “if it fits your macros” which pretty much means you can eat what you want as long as you stay within your macronutrient goals for the day. I have been following an IIFYM diet on and off for the past year or so. The majority of the day I eat whole “clean” foods but also allow myself to fit in other foods when i want them.

I did really well last challenge with completing the workouts and sticking to my macros but i felt like i could have pushed myself more which is what i want to do this time around. The picture below is my final side progress picture. As you can see I leaned out quite a bit and I can honestly say I was happy during the challenge which was something i was struggling with beforehand.


My goals last challenge were to squat and deadlift 135 lbs, drink a gallon of water a day, to keep alcohol to a minimum, no cheating on my macros, plan my meals, hit my macros, keep up with school and to push myself.

I would say i met most of those goals. I only binge drank once or twice, i met the squat PR of 135 but not the deadlift one, and i met my macros and drank my gallon pretty consistently. Again i just think i could have pushed myself more during the workouts.

This time around my goals are about the same as last time. I would like to keep improving on my squat and go up in weight and improve on depth. I want to meet my goal of 135 for deadlifts. I also want to stress less for my cheat meals. Last challenge one thing I focused on was not binge eating during my cheats. I didn’t binge eat but I did stress ALOT about what i wanted to eat and I always wanted my cheat meal to be perfect.

I’ve been working on dealing with my anxiety so hopefully that will help keep the stressing about food to a minimum.

For this challenge I’m excited to be doing it along with my roommate, step sister, and good friend. Last challenge me and my roommate did it together and I was so thankful to have her because I think it really helped keep me accountable and motivated.This time doing it with more people should help even more and all of us are going on spring break to the beach together right after the challenge ends so it will be nice to get in shape for that. I’m also planning on being more active in the challenge FB page and on Instagram to help keep myself motivated and motivate others.

I have fallen off track since the last challenge with the holidays and drinking with friends so i’m excited to finally get back on track.