Life Update: Move to Galveston and Starting Grad School

Welcome back! I feel like it’s been too long since I posted on here. I wanted to do a nice little life update since a ton has been going on.

So first off within the past month or so I moved down to Galveston to start school at UTMB (University of Texas Medical Branch). I’ll be down here for sixteen months and once the sixteen months are over I will have my Masters of Science in Nutrition and be eligible to sit for the Registered Dietitians exam. I got super lucky that my friend Katy got into the nursing program at UTMB so we could live together. We went down to Galveston after both getting accepted and picked out an apartment we really liked.

My dad and Wiley helped move me down to Galveston the weekend before orientation started. (Note to future self: hire moves when you move back from Galveston).  Moving in the heat up stairs is not a fun time. While getting settled in our new apartment, we had orientation week which was exciting. I got to meet the faculty, the other seventeen girls in my cohort, and get to know the campus. On Thursday the week of orientation, we heard a hurricane  was coming for us and on Friday I left and drove back to Austin. School was supposed to start the following Monday, but Harvey obviously had different plans for that schedule (Thanks Harvey). We ended up being delayed an entire week, but luckily our apartment wasn’t damaged.

After the storm was over, I was able to go back to Galveston and start school. The first two weeks (edit month, because its taken me that long to finish this post) have gone really well. Galveston is pretty different than Austin, but so far i’m liking it. Biggest plus: no traffic! It’s awesome being able to get pretty much anywhere in ten minutes. It’s definitely a weird feeling being so far away from friends, family, and the place I’ve grown up, but it’s also nice in a way because there aren’t as many distractions here.

Grocery haul to get ready for my first week of school

Within the first few weeks we had a potluck with some of the other girls in my cohort. Potlucks with nutrition majors are always fun because you get a nice mix of healthy and fun foods. I brought these vegan chocolate covered cookie dough bars and they turned out soo good.

So far I’m liking grad school a lot more than undergrad. It’s a lot less busy work and more research (which as long as it’s topics I’m interested in I don’t typically mind). In my advanced nutrition and metabolism class we get to research a new topic every week and present on it in class. My topics so far have been researching fibers affect on weight status, MCT’s vs. LCT’s on weight, raising the protein RDA, and caffeine as an ergogenic aid. It’s been an intense adjustment to research a new topic every week, but i’ve gotten lucky and have been really interested in all my topics.

Views from a coffee shop that doesn’t even look like it’s in Galveston.

This semester i’m just a full time grad student. I’m in eleven credit hours now, but next semester i’ll be in fourteen and that will include my dietetic internship. Here in the next few week we should get to have a meeting with our director to talk with her about our rotations next semester. I already have an idea of where I want to rotate so I’m hoping I can get some of the rotations I have in mind. I really like how we only have grad classes are first semester here, it’s been a hard enough adjustment to be a student again so I  can’t imagine also have rotations to deal with. I think by the time next semester comes I’ll be ready for rotations.

An example of what I take to school with me

This entire program is going to be intense, so I’m trying to prepare myself and stay on top of everything so I can stay as low-stressed as possible. Every weekend since school started i’ve spent doing school stuff (which i’m totally not used to). Aside from the chaos there are a few things i’m going to try and make time for every week: Exercise, cooking/meal prep, and time to relax/read.

Relaxing on the weekend. Loving this book, just wish I had more time to read it

As far as posting on this blog, it’s something I really want to keep up with. I think my goal is going to be at least two posts a month. I’ve been working on this post for like two weeks now though so I think it’s just something I need to designate time to versus working on it when I feel like. I really want to document my grad school/internship experience for myself as well as for other people who want to go this route. I loved reading people’s blogs about their dietetic internship when I was looking into going this route, so I hope people will find my posts helpful when trying to figure out what grad school or the dietetic internship is like.

Let me know if there’s anything specific you want to see here! I have a few post ideas already, but would love some input as well! Hope you enjoyed this little life update. Thanks for reading and talk to you soon!







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