Making Resolutions


So it’s the 19th of January and i’m finally deciding to write down some New Years resolutions. When January 1st came around I wasn’t really planning on making resolutions. Though as January has progressed I have thought of a few things I would like to focus on improving this year.

I have been super inspired by a You tuber, Marissa Lace, she has recently been making a video series called the “Year of You” which focuses on making this year about you, finding out who you are, and making yourself happy.

I love what she’s inspiring people to do and after the struggles i’ve gone though in 2015 I think making 2016 the year of me is a great idea. I want to make this the year i feel genuinely and consistently happy. Except New Years resolutions don’t matter unless you include a plan to make them possible.

So how do I plan on doing making myself happy? First of all is to stop binge drinking, I know i’m my happiest when i’m eating right and getting my workouts in so thats what i’m going to keep doing. I also think focusing on me is going to make me happy. I plan to take time for myself, to read, to go to yoga, to meditate, and to write.

I have already bought a bunch of new motivational books to read, and the reason I started this blog was to encourage me to write more. I haven’t started back with yoga yet but I plan to soon, and I have never meditated but I downloaded a guided meditation app and also plan to try that out soon!

I hope your having a great 2016 so far and if you’ve made resolutions make sure to plan out what you can do to stick to them!