My Top 5 Favorite Healthy Snacks

Snacking is a part of my every day routine. I love snacking because it keeps me full between meals and allows me to have a variety of different flavor combinations throughout the day. My snacks have certainly evolved over the years. I remember the days of after school snacks that consisted of either a soda + a cookie or frozen taquitos or hot pockets. Now I make sure to include healthy snacks every day to keep me satisfied throughout the day, get in extra nutrients, and ward off those hangry feelings we all know and hate.

My favorite healthy snacks:

  1. Fruit

    I don’t discriminate when it comes to fruit- I enjoy it all. My favorite for snacking are apples (my top fave because it’s so easy to throw into my bag), also grapes,clementines, and currently seasonal fruit such as watermelon and peaches).

    watermelon, healthy, fruit

  2. Yogurt and Granola

    Yogurt and granola is one of the most satisfying snacks I eat on a regular basis. I love the combination of protein, fats, and carbs it provides. I try to always add chia and flax-seed for an extra boost of fiber and omega 3’s. If I can I will also add fruit- usually strawberries for an extra serving of fruit during the day. I love using greek yogurt (more protein) or Siggi’s (has more protein than sugar). I use a few different types of granola and my main tip when choosing is to look for one low in sugar (think 5 grams or less per serving) or make your own!

    siggis, yogurt, healty, snack

  3. Protein Bars

    As a busy college student (now working woman) I love the convenience that protein bars provide. Also as someone who works out regularly, protein intake is important to me. Protein bars are perfect to throw into my bag and I try to always have one with me for when hunger strikes. My favorite protein bars are RxBars, Oatmega bars, and Detour bars.

    rxbar, healthy, snack, protein bar

  4. Veggies

    Veggies are such a great healthy snack because it’s a way to get in some extra vitamins and minerals without many calories. Snacking on veggies is something I know I could be better at, but the key is to find veggies you enjoy snacking on. My favorite are baby carrots, because they’re easy to pack and take with you. Recently I’ve been into sweet mini bell peppers. I love cooking with bell peppers, so I’m not sure why I just recently tried them as a snack. So far I’ve eaten them with guacamole and hummus and loved both combinations.

    hummus and veggies, healthy snack

  5. Cheese and Crackers

    What started as a love for popcorn and string cheese has recently evolved into crackers and goat cheese. This is another great combination of a carbohydrate (crackers/popcorn)+ protein and fats (from the cheese). This is such a great combination when your craving something salty, or something sweet & salty (use kettle corn to add sweetness to the mix). Pictured is a colby jack string cheese stick, Mary’s seed crackers, sliced turkey breast, and a clementine.

    healthy snacks

    I hope this gave you some great snack inspiration. It was pretty hard for me to narrow down my favorite snacks to a top five, so expect a part two someday in the future. I love trying out new snacks and would love to know what your favorite snacks are!