Tried and True Roasted Potatoes and Brussels Sprouts Recipe

roasted potatoes and brussels sprouts

About two years ago something compelled me to try a brussels sprout. I don’t remember where I was or how they were cooked, but I must have enjoyed it because that led to me buying them at the store and cooking them at home.

The first time I cooked brussels spouts at home I cooked them this way and even though I have pinned a ton of other recipes, I continue to make them this way because I love them so much. The fact that I just said I love brussels sprouts is crazy to me. A food I didn’t try for 23 years of my life because I thought I would hate I now love (I guess it’s never to late?)

The thing I love most about this recipe is how perfect it is for meal prepping. I always make the brussels spouts with potatoes so I have veggies and a carb prepped for meals during the week.

My favorite way to enjoy this recipe is paired with chicken or a turkey burger, but is also great to add to a salad.

roasted potatoes and brussels sprouts

Roasted Potatoes & Brussels Sprouts Recipe

So I roast both the potatoes and brussels on the same pan for the same amount of time, but I do choose to use different seasonings on each.

First go ahead and heat your oven to 400 Fahrenheit. Next rinse and chop both the potatoes and brussels in half lengthwise. Now add your potatoes and then your brussels to ziplock bags. If you only have small bags you might have to do this more than once.

Here’s what I add to my potatoes:

Olive or avocado oil (about 1 tbsp), salt, pepper, dried parsley, red pepper flakes, chili powder, garlic n herb seasoning, and cajun seasoning. I love the combo of spicy and herb that this combo provides. I always just eye out these spices, which is why I’m not listing about certain amounts. I would recommend adding small amounts of the spicier spices at first so you can see how much you like. 

Here’s what I add to my brussels:

Olive or avocado oil (about 1 tbsp), salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, and garlic n herb seasoning. You could even leave the garlic and herb seasoning out here, but I add because I love the flavor. 

After you’ve tossed everything in its oil + seasonings, mix them around. I guess I  massage the oil and seasonings into either the potatoes or brussels so that way they get covered in all the flavors. When you feel they’re covered, go ahead and lay them flat on a greased baking sheet (i’ll just spray some cooking spray to make sure they don’t stick). I usually line my baking sheets in either foil or parchment paper for easier cleanup. Try to make sure everything can spread out evenly so that way it gets crisp. You can always use two baking sheets if needed. If you have the time I recommend lying everything with the flat side facing down, this will allow those sides to get nice and crispy.

Go ahead and pop your baking sheets into your oven. I usually leave mine in for about 40 minutes but it will depend on your oven. I would recommend checking them around 25 minutes and see how much they’ve browned. It’s optional to flip mid-way through, I usually don’t but sometimes will flip a few.

Whenever they are brown and crisp to your liking they are done! I really do look forward to roasting and enjoying this combo every week so I hope you try it and can look forward to eating it as well!

roasted potatoes and brussels sprouts