What Podcasts I’m loving


This year something I have discovered are PODCASTS. I had previously heard of podcasts but never knew much about them. So what are podcasts?

Podcasts are essentially a radio show, usually 30min-1 hour where either a host talks to through a microphone or talks with a guests usually like an interview. I listen to mine through the Podcast App for Apple. The cool things about podcasts is they’re FREE and there’s multiple podcasts for every interest.

What podcasts do I love?

Marissa Lace is the person who got me to start listening to podcasts (she’s starting a podcast soon- so excited for that) she told viewers she started listening to them in the car instead of music on the radio. She told us about the first podcast i’m loving:

  1. Straight up with Stassi


This podcast is hosted by Stassi Schroeder, the ex-star of a Bravo reality show, Vanderpump Rules which I love! Stassi’s podcast is usually an hour long where she has a guest on and they talk fashion, pop culture, and reality tv (which I love). I have to admit I didn’t love Stassi on Vanderpump Rules, but I love her on her podcast where she’s able to be herself. She’s funny and usually has comedians on as her guests.



2. The Wellness Wonderland 

wellness This podcast is by Katie Dalebout, a woman who in the past struggled with body image and now tries to help other people understand to love your body at every stage and to be the best version of yourself. She usually has a guest on, but also does short favorites podcasts, sharing her favorite things/people/interests at the moment. I love listening to her podcast in the mornings to set myself up for a creative and minimally stressful day.


3. GirlBoss Radio

231221_300x300 Everybody and their mother has heard of the book Girl Boss by Sophia Amoruso, owner of Nasty Gal (an online clothing store). I bought the book but still haven’t read it. Even though i haven’t read it, i love her podcast. It’s all about Girl Bosses. Aka women who are killing it at whatever business interest they have. It’s super motivating to hear her as well as other girlbosses stories and tips for getting stuff done and killin it.



4. Physique Science Radio 

physique science.pngThis radio show is hosted by Layne Norton, a bodybuilder who has a PhD in Nutritional Sciences and who has proven to be SO knowledgable in the field of fitness and nutrition. Layne brings on other guests who are into fitness, nutrition, and entrepreneurship. I have so much respect for Layne Norton because of how knowledgable he is and I always learn something new from listening to his podcast.



I’ve only been listening to podcasts for two months, but they have quickly become my go to for getting ready in the morning, walking around campus, or driving in the car. I know there are SO many more podcasts out there but these are just a few I have come across and really enjoyed.

If you have a podcast you love let me know so I can check it out!

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