Why I Incorporate Collagen Peptides Into My Daily Routine

why i incorporate collagen peptides into my daily routine

Just a few months ago I saw somebody on Instagram using collagen peptides in a smoothie. I had no clue what they were. I figured they were just another Instagram wellness fad and brushed it off. Then I kept seeing people use them, a ton of people I followed on Instagram were incorporating them into smoothies, baked goods, coffee and more. So that’s when I decided to check out what they were. I googled “collagen peptides” and read a bunch of research and reviews on them. The one I looked at (and ended up purchasing) on Amazon had amazing reviews.


collagen peptides reviews

And those weren’t the only ones… The positive reviews were endless, so I figured why not? I went ahead and made the purchase.  Once I got them I decided I was going to use them in my morning coffee. I had just been given a handheld frother for my birthday and had been told that collagen powder froths so I was excited about that (p.s. I highly recommended a handheld frother if you drink coffee! It’s so fun). I poured my coffee in my yeti per usual, added 1 scoop of collagen peptides, and my normal almond milk + stevia and frothed away. I was excited with how frothy my coffee got, and the collagen is flavorless and fully dissolves so I didn’t even know it was there.

So wait what is collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. It helps to make up our bones, muscles, skin, and joints. Benefits of collagen (in food and supplements) include:

  • Strengthening hair, skin, and nails
  • Helping with joint pain and stiffness
  • Possible benefits with digestion and helping to repair the gut lining in people who suffer from leaky gut syndrome

Studies have been done that have shown collagen supplementation helping with skin elasticity and moisture, lessening arthritis pains, and helping to increase muscle mass. Collagen production decreases with age, which can lead to issues such as osteoarthritis and wrinkles. That’s why supplementing with collagen is said to help reverse these issues.

If you’ve seen the recent popularity that bone broth has gotten, it’s because of the benefits of the collagen in the bone broth. Collagen occurs naturally in animal products because it’s in animals connective tissues. Collagen also contains an array of essential amino acids that your body requires you get from food (because the body can’t make them).

My experience so far:

So I’ve now been taking collagen almost every day in my coffee for about a month or so. I have to say I’m pretty weary to conclude that it’s making a difference in my skin and/or my joints BUT I will say that my skin is the clearest it’s been in years (this could be due to a few other factors). I’m not one to really focus on the strength of my nails or wrinkles on my skin (so I can’t comment on those aspects). Though I will say my hair is strong, and my skin hasn’t been dry. I’m on a few prescription acne medications and usually they dry my skin out, but I haven’t noticed any dryness in a while. My boyfriend, Wiley has also been taking them and when I asked him if he’s noticed any benefits he said yes- that he was having way less joint pains.

So my recommendation? Give it a try if you don’t mind spending the money, you might notice some of the benefits! Also, even if there were no benefits, it’s still a great source of protein. One scoop of the collagen peptides I have totals 10 grams of protein. It’s also just “Pasture-Raised Bovine Hide Collagen Peptides”, versus a bunch of ingredients you would find in a typical protein powder (yay for minimal ingredients).

Hopefully if you’ve been wondering what collagen is this helped you out!

I would love to know if you already take collagen, if you’ve noticed any direct benefits from it? 

Thanks for reading!







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marti @fitwithheart

YES! i just recently started taking this same brand of collagen! i have been either adding a Tablespoon to my coffee or to my daily shakeology – i have probably been taking it 3-4 times a week and i know i haven’t been taking it DAILY as i should! my hope is to help heal my IBS or at least improve! I will DEFINITELY let you know what changes i notice – thanks for this post! – its interesting to see your own experience too!